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Land Required

Copperwood Developments is actively looking for new development sites within the southern home counties.

We are seeking:

  • Land with or without planning permission up to a land value of £5m
  • Commercial properties suitable for change of use to residential (pubs, garages, offices, care homes, hotels)
  • Tired and dilapidated buildings that need modernisation, refurbishment or conversion.
  • Large garden plots
  • Urban brownfield sites

We utilise our professional team of retained architects, planning consultants and associated development experts to ensure a highly professional and efficient approach to any development project and submission of any associated planning applications or appeals. We pride ourselves on designing each residential scheme to reflect the surrounding townscape and current market demands. By taking this approach we are confident that planning permissions can be achieved that unlock maximum land value for land owners.

We work closely with numerous architects, planning consultants, residential and commercial estate agents as well as land agents and site finders. We are always happy to pay site introduction fees and will retain agents on any future sales.

Copperwood Developments will always appraise potential sites and leads quickly and confidentially. We aim to respond and confirm our interest in any site within a few days of it being introduced.

Joint Ventures

Joint venture arrangements are becoming increasingly popular as those land owners who are looking to sell potential residential sites are finding it increasingly challenging to do so at their desired asking price for a whole host of reasons.

Therefore Copperwood Developments invite landowners to take advantage of a joint venture arrangement whereby we can offer our knowledge, experience and track record of delivering past projects to extract maximum value from a potential site.

The advantage of a joint venture is that the landowner has a developer on board who is looking to gain planning permission for the most appropriate and profitable development scheme whilst looking to save costs. We can then push the project to completion during the build out phase in order to gain their share of the developments profit once the units are sold off.

The land owner generally puts up their land as security and grants a build licence to the developer who will in turn build out the development scheme at cost plus an agreed minimal management fee. The percentage split of the development profit can be agreed beforehand to reflect what each party wishes from the project but the industry norm is a 50/50 % split.

Joint ventures have the benefit of assisting with project senior debt borrowing from banks as they are always keen to see an established and experienced developer heading up the development project especially through the construction phase.

Unfortunately these days banks are far less likely to fund first time developers and many banks have closed their doors to residential development funding altogether. The few banks that are still lending have a vast range and choice of property deals to back. Landowners often find the joint venture approach more financially rewarding than having to sell their site below market value because they can't raise bank funding to carry out the development project on their own.

Strategic Land Opportunities

Copperwood Developments has considerable experience and success in negotiating medium to long term development opportunities that require sensitive handling.

We are keen to acquire land which has potential for residential development within the next 5 to 10 years. We will carefully appraise the possibilities and use our financial resources and excellent team of advisors to assess the best way to approach the relevant planning authorities to achieve a satisfactory planning consent.

We are happy to discuss with landowners a mutually beneficial arrangement for either an option or promotional agreement on a case by case basis, thereby ensuring both landowner and developer optimise their respective input.